The Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!  Truthfully, very few out-of-the-ordinary things have happened since Semana Santa, and in the six weeks since, I’ve only taken one weekend trip!  This all probably means both that I’m [finally!] completely settled into the life of San Mateo, and also that out-of-the-ordinary things now seem completely normal.  Both of these life developments are most excellent. 

Regardless, I still have photos!  First, we have photographic evidence of our excursion to the feria in Barillas, where much fun was had, and many wallets were stolen (including mine)—alas!  Herewith: 

[] [The Feria in Barillas] 

And finally, more pictures of our wonderful students being their normal, wonderful selves: 

[]  [People] 

And there we have it.  Things should get shaken up a little in the next few weeks: a steady trickle of visitors just began yesterday with the arrival of Jessica’s sister, the school’s three-day anniversary festivities are planned for next week, and finals are in a month!  And considering how the kids fare when I ask them to solve problems using material they learned four months ago, I think a good portion of the next month’s classes will include some nice, intense review…

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