White Men Can’t Walk

I already knew that after nearly biting the dust several times last month as we motored around the hills surrounding Tiactac.  But I really discovered the truth of that statement after our trip a couple of weeks ago to Cerro Bobí: the tallest mountain around San Mateo, and the location of the area’s cell towers.  Suffice it to say that with size-12 feet, a weight of 180 lbs., and a not-so-great right knee, flying down the side of a mountain at Guatemalan speed is simply not possible.   

Aside from the intense descent, however, the trip was absolutely fantastic.  After a lazy, Q4-per-person truck ride up to the top of the ridge and an hour’s lateral walk to the peak of the mountain, we were greeted by some of the most magnificent vistas I’ve ever seen.  Even though San Mateo is situated high up on the side of a mountain, the mountains surrounding it are taller.  However, once you surmount those heights, it’s infinite views all around: Santa Eulalia, the jagged mountains heading toward Huehue, and even the sudden flatland to the northwest across the Mexican border.  Feast your eyes on the views, which I tried extremely hard to capture with my good old point-and-shoot: 

[http://uva.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2089079&l=79118&id=1522023] [Cell Tower Hike] 

After a slightly nerve-wracking—but even more breathtaking—climb to the top of the cell tower (can’t do that in the States!), we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of grilled beef, beans, salsa, and tortillas, all graciously prepared for us by a great group of various Mateanos—Xap Aná (brother of ex-school-director Chico), Gaspar (brother of profe Diego Ricardo and secretary Gloria), Gaspar (sexto student), and others.  All in all, a highly satisfying, exceptionally tiring, and very photo-worthy journey.  What will next weekend bring?


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